Transversal Team

Team Engineering


The Engineering team cuts across the three UMR TETIS research teams. It brings together permanent and temporary design engineers and research engineers in a variety of complementary disciplines such as computing, information systems, geomatics, remote sensing, metrology, geography, ecology and training.

The main tasks of this team are :
  • Capitalising on and exploiting the data and codes produced by the UMR.
  • Support for data collection and processing.
  • Promoting open science.
  • Management of scientific equipment.
  • Sharing knowledge.

The team contributes to 4 areas of activity:

1 . Scientific equipment

  • Differential GPS, terrestrial and aerial lidar, drones…
  • Manage and monitor the stock of scientific measuring instruments: web-based management and reservation application;
  • Acquire, process and preserve geolocation data;
  • Platform :

2 . Data

Spatial data: from observation, sensors, models, etc. Text and Data Mining (TDM) data
Geographic Data Infrastructure (GeoNetwork catalogue + GeoServer map server). Compatible with the INSPIRE directive
Codes, software, models, processing chains, applications...

3. Code, software...

Codes, software, models, processing chains, applications...

4. Catalogue des services informatiques

Reorganisation of the "IT services" offered by the supervisory bodies, MTD and Tetis.
  • Describe the IT services available.
  • Distribute the catalogue of services on the UMR intranet

To contact us

+04 67 54 87 54
500 Rue Jean François Breton
34000 Montpellier

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